• Design Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Consultations
Our philosophy is to create unique landscapes for our customers that cater to each of their senses while integrating sustainable, environmentally conscious practices.
  • Front and back yard designs
  • Annual plantings and containers
  • Custom designs that appeal to your individual sense of style
  • Low maintenance, high impact gardens
  • Focusing on edibles and native plantings
  • Creating gardens that attract birds and butterflies and create beneficial micro-ecosystems
We are committed to keeping your property beautiful all season long by offering a number of cleaning and maintenance service plans for both public and residential properties.
  • Offering weekly, biweekly, or monthly contracts
  • Cleaning out and rejuvenating over-grown gardens
  • Weeding, pruning, pruning for fruit production and regular soil analysis and amendment
  • Spring and fall garden clean-up and bulb planting
  • Harvesting when needed!


  • Soil assessment and amendment
  • Managing green-waste and compost systems
  • Companion planting and attracting beneficial insects

Our in-house horticulturist is happy to meet with you to answer any questions regarding garden design, plant pests or diseases, or soil health and remediation.

Consultations are invoiced by the hour and your consultation fee can be deducted from your installation fees, once your contract is signed.

Katherine Lomas, Horticulturist



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